International Mahjong® Rules
(Version v0702-2012-03-28    版号 v0702-2012-03-28)

35.   The stipulations of this Chapter apply only to games played with the use of mahjong cards.    本章所列规则只适用于以卡片麻将进行的游戏。
36.   The stipulations set out in articles 10.1 and 10.2 regarding SHUFFLING THE PAIS and STACKING THE PAIS are to be replaced by the stipulations of this article:    第10.1条和第10.2条关于"洗牌"和"码牌"的规则由本条下列规则代替:
36.1.   Pies are to be shuffled by a specific player only: If it is the start of the first game of a four-round period, the one who has got the pai of East as per art. 8 shall shuffle the pais; if it is a new game as the continuation of the play, the jonga of the game shall shuffle the pais.    洗牌的工作由一指定的人执行:若这是四圈时段的第一盘游戏的开始,则按照第8条取得东风牌的人得执行洗牌的工作;若这是继续进程中新的一盘游戏,则该盘游戏的庄家得执行洗牌的工作。
36.2.   The aim of shuffling the pais is to mix them thoroughly so that no one can recognize them anymore. After being shuffled, the pais are placed in the centre of the table in one stack and all other players may then cut the pais, by then the jonga may not be allowed to cut or shuffle the pais any more.    洗牌的目的是要将牌混合透切而令到无人可以再作辨认。洗牌完成之后,牌子将成一迭放在台的中央让其它人切牌,这时庄家不得再切牌或洗牌。
37.   The procedures related to the CASTING OF DICE as per art. 10.3 remain the same, except that the determination of a starting wall is now omitted.    第10.3条关于掷骰的步骤不变,唯决定"起庄牌墙"的步骤则省略。
38.   The stipulations set out in art. 10.4 regarding DEALING OF PAIS are to be replaced by the stipulations of this article:    第10.4条有关"发牌"的规则由本条下列规则代替:
38.1.   Dealing of pais shall be performed by the jonga only. To begin, the jonga shall remove a number of pais equivalent to the number of dice obtained as per art. 10.3 from the top and place them to the bottom of all pais (placement sequence of the removed pais is irrelevant).    发牌的工作得由庄家单独执行。开始时,庄家须从迭顶抽出与第10.3条所得掷骰点数相同数目的牌放到所有牌的迭底(放置抽出的牌子的顺序并无规定)。
38.2.   From this stage and for the purposes of These Rules where pais are to be drawn from the wall, the stacked cards is still called the wall and the first pai on the top of the stacked cards is defined as the head as well as the tail. All pais being drawn either from the head or from the tail throughout the game must be drawn from the top of the stacked cards downwards.    由这时开始,在执行本规则有关从牌墙取牌的规定时,迭起的牌栋仍得称为牌墙,在迭顶的第一张牌得称为牌头亦同时称为牌尾。在整盘游戏中每次须要从牌头或牌尾取牌时都必须由迭顶向下取牌。
38.3.   By now the jonga may start to deal the pais, from the top of the stack and starting from the jonga in the anti-clockwise direction, each player is dealt with 1 pai at a time until the jonga is dealt with 14 pais and each of the other three players is dealt with 13 pais. The dealing of pais is then completed.    这时庄家可以开始发牌,由迭顶开始并由庄家以逆时针方向顺序,每人每次发牌1张,直到庄家得牌14张而其余三人各得牌13张。发牌的工作到此完成。
38.4.   It is the responsibility of each player to ensure that the correct quantity of pais is dealt to his hand as per art. 38.3. Any shortage or excess must be claimed at once and the game may then be aborted, and be resumed starting from the shuffling of pais again.    确保自己手牌已按照第38.3条规定获发正确数目的牌是各人自己的责任。任何不足或过多的申诉必须马上作出,而该盘游戏则须因此中断,并再次经由洗牌的步骤重新开始。
38.5.   Before the discard of the first pai the jonga shall ask if any player has a claim of shortage or excess of pais being dealt. The jonga is, however, not responsible as to whether such notice has been given.    庄家在打出第一张牌之前应征询是否有人须要申诉获发少牌或多牌。但是,庄家无须对是否已作出该项征询负责。
38.6.   After the first pai has been discarded by the jonga, the game shall continue and no claim of shortage or excess will be entertained and any dispute as to whether a notice as per art. 38.5 has been given shall not be entertained either.    当庄家打出第一张牌之后,该盘游戏得继续进行,少牌或多牌的申诉将不予受理,而任何关于庄家有没有按照第38.5条作出征询的争议亦不得受理。
39.   After having dealt the pais, the jonga shall place the remaining pais in the centre of the table and the game may then proceed according to stipulations of art. 10.5.    在发牌之后,庄家须将牌迭放置在台的中央,而游戏则按照第10.5条进行。
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