International Mahjong® Rules
(Version v0702-2012-03-28    版号 v0702-2012-03-28)

1.   General references:    一般事项:
1.1.   "International Mahjong Rules" is a general term of all the Articles related herein, and is also referred to as "IMJ Rules". For the purpose of easy reference, "International Mahjong Rules" is hereinafter referred to as "These Rules".    "国际麻将规则"是本文件内所有规则条文的总称。为了便于陈述,"国际麻将规则"在本文件范围内亦称为"本规则"。
1.2.   Any mahjong game declared to be played in accordance with These Rules shall be referred to as "International Mahjong Game", or simply "International Mahjong". Any stipulation not included in These Rules shall not be referred to in International Mahjong.    凡按照本规则进行的麻将游戏得称为"国际麻将游戏",或简称"国际麻将"。任何不包含在本规则内的游戏规范均不适用于国际麻将。
2.   The instrument used to play with in International Mahjong is called MAHJONG PAI, or simply PAI. Pais are made either in the form of solid blocks called tiles, or in the form of flat sheets called cards. Only one form of pais may be used to play with in each individual occasion of game. Except as stated otherwise, all stipulations of These Rules shall apply to all games played with the use of either mahjong tiles or mahjong cards.    在进行国际麻将游戏时使用的器具称为"麻将牌",或简称"牌"。牌可以是立体形式的砖块麻将,亦可以是扁平形式的卡片麻将,唯每盘游戏只可用一种形式的牌进行。除特别指明外,本规则的所有条文对使用不同形式的牌进行的游戏均适用。
3.   Notwithstanding art. 1.2, additional terms and conditions in the form of "attachment rules" may be set in a public or open event of International Mahjong.    在公开进行的国际麻将活动中,可以用"附加规则"的形式制定附加条款,而不受第1.2条影响。