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Background Information

International Mahjong Rules ("IMJ Rules") was created in 1990 based on the gameplay of Cantonese Mahjong (also known as Hong Kong Mahjong), and on various "house rules" widely played throughout Hong Kong in the 1980s. IMJ Rules is a complete set of written rules of the then Cantonese Mahjong but with modifications and verifications that are purposely made to eliminate any known grey areas of play.

International Mahjong Rules is maintained and managed under the registered trademarks INTERNATIONAL MAHJONG® and IMJ®. You can and are encouraged to quote its names with capital letters like these: International Mahjong Rules or IMJ Rules. The most current version of the IMJ Rules is published on this site under the "RULES" section. If you have comments or suggestions about rules please don't hesitate to let us know via our "Contact" page.

You have the questions. We have the answers!

If you are new to mahjong games and want to learn mahjong in its fullness (the complete rules, the play; not the history of the game), International Mahjong Rules is for you! IMJ Rules cover every step of the play. Whenever you have questions about rules, you'll find answers based on the written rules in just one rulebook! If you have been hesitating about learning to play mahjong, or are not satisfied with the results you are currently playing, IMJ Rules is able to bring you new achievements in life!

If you are experienced player, you'll find International Mahjong Rules competent enough to govern every step of the gameplay. If you have ever encountered problems or disputes about any ruling of play, or if you are to teach someone to learn to play mahjong, IMJ Rules is the complete rulebook you can refer to!

Please note, however, that this site is solely dedicated for International Mahjong® only.

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