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Conditions of Use
(Date of edition: March 2012)

Contents of the IMJ Learning Centre (all of which are hereinafter called "Files") are the courtesy of the IMJ Infoweb (, and may be viewed on screen, downloaded, printed or reproduced and distributed free of charge subject to the following Conditions Of Use:

  1. Copyright information and source of Files must be properly acknowledged.
  2. Files or printed contents shall be restricted to personal uses, or uses in any private or public forums, discussion groups, tournaments or similar events only; uses of Files and its contents in other occasions or for other purposes are expressly prohibited.
  3. Files or printed contents must be in its original form.
  4. No fee of any kind and for any purpose may be charged (cost of printing excepted).
  5. The privilege offered herein may be revoked any time at the sole discretion of the copyright holder.
  6. Notwithstanding the permission to use granted herein, the incorporation of the trademarks INTERNATIONAL MAHJONG or IMJ into or in connection with the name, title or organizer of any forum, discussion group, tournament or event are expressly prohibited;
  7. Certain files may be linked from this IMJ Learning Centre. Please refer to the terms and conditions of use, if any, of those individual files.

The "Conditions of Use" herein revokes and replaces all previous conditions of use or permissions granted publicly prior to the date of edition of this notice. If you plan to use the Files and its contents, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes or for incorporation into any products or services, whether for gain or otherwise, please contact the copyright holder via the IMJ Infoweb.

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