News Release 2014-05-09
On unauthorized use of trademark by WMO

News Release 2014-05-09

World Mahjong Organization ("WMO"), along with its business partners and operators of its official website, have been formally advised of their unauthorized use of registered trademarks INTERNATIONAL MAHJONG® in its recently released publication entitled "International Mahjong Primary Competition Rules" and in descriptions of its various activities, services and publications on its website.

INTERNATIONAL MAHJONG® and IMJ® are registered trademarks owned by Mr Cofa Tsui of Canada, who has maintained a website called iMahjong Infoweb located at Mr Tsui in his letter addressed to WMO has expressly indicated that the use of his trademark INTERNATIONAL MAHJONG in WMO's publications, events and services is unauthorized and has requested that his trademark INTERNATIONAL MAHJONG be removed from WMO's website and publications.

Mr Tsui noted that the rule set adopted by WMO in its tournaments is the rule set known as Mahjong Competition Rules (Chinese Official) issued by the State Sports Commission of China in January 1998. People who are familiar with mahjong sports and who are engaged in mahjong activities worldwide are very clear about the difference between the Chinese Official rule set and the rule set developed under the trade name INTERNATIONAL MAHJONG®.

Rights to intellectual property of others have been well observed and respected by individuals and organizations in Western countries. They would avoid putting the two words INTERNATIONAL MAHJONG together as it will inevitably confuse and mislead readers about the use of the registered trademark. Where necessary, there are proper ways to describe the "worldwide" or "international" nature of the game of mahjong and related activities without the unauthorized use of the trademark, as seen in these examples:
• International Rules of Mahjong
• International Competition Rules of Mahjong
• Official International Rules of Mahjong
• International Tournament of Mahjong

Mr Tsui is disappointed about the unauthorized use of his registered trademark by this "World Mahjong Organization" located in Mainland China. He really hopes that the leadership and members of this "world organization" would bring up their knowledge and standards in intellectual property rights to the world level.

The original message of this News Release, together with a copy of the letter addressed to WMO, is now posted on the iMahjong Infoweb. To access the message please visit this link:

iMahjong Infoweb,
Vancouver BC, Canada
May 9, 2014

Copy of letter addressed to WMO

April 21, 2014

World Mahjong Organization,
World Mahjong Contest Center,
Beijing Dong & Pin Mind Sports Co,. Ltd,
World Mahjong Network, AND
Phone: 86(10)-68237127


Dear Sirs,

INTERNATIONAL MAHJONG® is a registered trademark
It has come to my attention that you have, as being noticed throughout your website,
1) recently released a publication entitled "International Mahjong Primary Competition Rules";
2) used the term "International Mahjong" to describe events, services and certain publications of your organization.

While I respect the purposes and ideas of your website, your publications and activities, I have to also tell you that INTERNATIONAL MAHJONG is a registered trademark in Canada and is therefore protected by international treaties regarding copyrights and trademarks.

Your use of my registered trademark International Mahjong in various products and services of your organization is causing confusion to the general public. I advise that your use of my registered trademark International Mahjong is unauthorized and is in breach of my intellectual property rights.

While I believe your above use could be an unintentional mistake, I have no alternative but to require and request that you refrain from using my trademark INTERNATIONAL MAHJONG in your events, products or services without our written permission. Please therefore remove my trademark INTERNATIONAL MAHJONG from your events, products or services and from your website immediately.

Please respect the intellectual property rights of the others and your cooperation to the above request is appreciated.
For further information on INTERNATIONAL MAHJONGĀ® please visit our website at

Yours truly,

Cofa Tsui,
Owner of registered trademark INTERNATIONAL MAHJONG®
International Mahjong® Official Website

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